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Christmas without Snow

Here on Hilton Head decorated palmetto trees, grand displays of lights, and online casino österreich and sand are as much a part of our traditional Christmas as baked ham and sweet potato pie. Down here we don’t wish for a white Christmas, instead we’re wishing for weather warm enough for a walk on the beach and cool enough for a fire on the patio.

The Festival of Lights is something to behold. It takes some talent to find the right balance between tacky and tasteful, but a special talent to find the exact spot on the tacky scale to represent our love of a Christmas without snow. Aquamarine lights, pink flamingos, snowmen in bold print shorts, and a light dusting of “beach snow” can put a smile on the sternest of faces and bring joy to the hearts of islanders.

Start your night of festivities off right and join us at Port Royal Plaza for dinner before heading over to see the lights.

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