Springtime on Hilton Head

Spring has sprung. The dusting of yellow pollen, the warm sunny days, and bumper to bumper traffic on Highway 278 all confirm that spring has finally arrived. After a long day at work facing a sea of red brake lights probably isn’t anywhere close to how you want to start your evening.

Port Royal Plaza offers a refuge from the sea of red. Stop in for an early dinner or snack at any of our seven restaurants and let the chaos pass you by.



Table for a party of Three…

The decision to go out had been made but where to go was still in the air when we piled into the car. I mentioned that a friend raved about Street Meet and after one of our party looked up the menu on his smart phone it was quickly decided: that our picky party would each find something to like!

First Impressions

Street Meet is a cozy pub that does a brisk business even in the middle of the week on a cold January day. I can image that the huge patio comes in handy during the summer, major sporting events and St. Patrick’s Day.


We were seated immediately and had drinks in hand as we each looked over the menu. As the other two members of my party were starving we ordered a small chili fry to hold us over until the entrees arrived. The combination of hot crisp fries, tangy chili and melted cheese was a hit and gone in a flash.

The Food

The burger guy in our party decided he wanted to try the Prime Rib Cheesesteak and Onion Rings in place of his normal burger and fries. When I asked him what he thought his response was, “It’s good.” He was happily occupied and didn’t feel the need to elaborate, but after he tried the onion rings he pushed his plate toward me and insisted I give them a try. From that point forward the onion rings were ‘ours’, he was sharing whether he liked it or not!


The other guy in our party is seldom ever short with words and had plenty to say about his Hofmann’s Frank and Hofmann’s Snappy. He isn’t one to order anything from the menu that he’d consider simple fare. He goes for complex flavors and unique presentations. He chose the dogs to continue our trend of trying something new. The flavors and texture were outstanding and the bun complement both dogs well. Normally he wouldn’t touch an onion ring for less than a crisp Franklin, so I was a bit surprised when he reached across the table to try the onion rings we’d given such high praise. Street Meet’s onion rings had one more fan.


I had a hard time choosing between the Gyro and the Fish and Chips, but finally settled on the classic fish and chips. The crispy golden brown fish came out on a bed of hot fries with a side of slaw. Street Meet uses PBR in the batter and the flavor of that well known beer made a nice compliment to the fish that reminded summertime fish fries.



Street Meet serves up more than just simple pub food. The menu offers something for everyone and very possibly a pleasant surprise for even the foodie in your crowd. They also offer a fine selection of beer and wine. Deciding on Street Meet is simple, deciding which great food to try first–not so simple.

The three of us left Street Meet satisfied and happy with our evening out.


And the Award goes to….

Super Bowl Sunday is a big day for most Americans as we tune in to watch two great teams battle it out for the title of World Champs. We watch as the guys on the field give it everything they have in hopes of getting their hands on the Vince Lombardi trophy.

Right here in the Lowcountry boys and girls spend hour, upon hour practicing and performing as they strive for their moment. Whether their passion is sports or art they dream of that moment when they are recognized for their achievements.

Studio One, in Port Royal Plaza, offers awards, ribbons, and trophies for just those occasions. Stop by today and let them help personalize an award for your superstar.

Checkout Beaufort County’s PALS program for more information local sports leagues.


Don’t Miss Out On The Chamber’s Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week is back! January 24-31 stop into Reilley’s or Street Meet and take advantage of delicious favorites at  delicious prices. These two eateries along with over 60 others are taking part in Hilton Head-Bluffton Chamber’s Restaurant Week. Each participating restaurant is offering a prix fixe menu at a special price. Now is a great time to try something new or revisit an old friend.

Checkout the whole list here.

Street Meet’s Restaurant Week Menu.

Reilley’s Restaurant Week Menu.


Biking is the way to Go!

We have over 60 miles of multi-purpose trails that connect to nearly everything. Close to 30 bike rental shops offer about 15,000 bikes every year. A good portion of the visitors to our island bring personal bikes. Needless to say, on Hilton Head Island, biking is the way to go.


Getting around the island via bike is a fun way to get from point A to point B and a good way to really see what is between point A and point B. Not only is biking fun but it is also healthy. It’s exercise and also a good way to relieve stress. Who couldn’t use less stress? No need to take our word for it! Check out the the official Hilton Head Website’s page on biking!


While out biking with your family or friends, why not make your way over to Port Royal Plaza for a bite to eat?


Alligators, blue crabs, and dolphins…Oh, my!

Sunshine and milder temps this winter have brought along a greater opportunities to get out and see some of our local wildlife. The alligators are still tucked away for the winter but there is still plenty to see. Deer, otter, mink are a few of the cute and furry that call our island home. Egret, woodstock, and brown pelicans are just a few of the 200 species of birds native to our area. The is almost always wildlife to see.

Not far from a few great places to see wildlife is Port Royal Plaza. Work up an appetite bird watching and then join us for a late lunch or early dinner.

Christmas without Snow

Here on Hilton Head decorated palmetto trees, grand displays of lights, and online casino österreich and sand are as much a part of our traditional Christmas as baked ham and sweet potato pie. Down here we don’t wish for a white Christmas, instead we’re wishing for weather warm enough for a walk on the beach and cool enough for a fire on the patio.

The Festival of Lights is something to behold. It takes some talent to find the right balance between tacky and tasteful, but a special talent to find the exact spot on the tacky scale to represent our love of a Christmas without snow. Aquamarine lights, pink flamingos, snowmen in bold print shorts, and a light dusting of “beach snow” can put a smile on the sternest of faces and bring joy to the hearts of islanders.

Start your night of festivities off right and join us at Port Royal Plaza for dinner before heading over to see the lights.

Find out more here.