Table for a party of Three…

The decision to go out had been made but where to go was still in the air when we piled into the car. I mentioned that a friend raved about Street Meet and after one of our party looked up the menu on his smart phone it was quickly decided: that our picky party would each find something to like!

First Impressions

Street Meet is a cozy pub that does a brisk business even in the middle of the week on a cold January day. I can image that the huge patio comes in handy during the summer, major sporting events and St. Patrick’s Day.


We were seated immediately and had drinks in hand as we each looked over the menu. As the other two members of my party were starving we ordered a small chili fry to hold us over until the entrees arrived. The combination of hot crisp fries, tangy chili and melted cheese was a hit and gone in a flash.

The Food

The burger guy in our party decided he wanted to try the Prime Rib Cheesesteak and Onion Rings in place of his normal burger and fries. When I asked him what he thought his response was, “It’s good.” He was happily occupied and didn’t feel the need to elaborate, but after he tried the onion rings he pushed his plate toward me and insisted I give them a try. From that point forward the onion rings were ‘ours’, he was sharing whether he liked it or not!


The other guy in our party is seldom ever short with words and had plenty to say about his Hofmann’s Frank and Hofmann’s Snappy. He isn’t one to order anything from the menu that he’d consider simple fare. He goes for complex flavors and unique presentations. He chose the dogs to continue our trend of trying something new. The flavors and texture were outstanding and the bun complement both dogs well. Normally he wouldn’t touch an onion ring for less than a crisp Franklin, so I was a bit surprised when he reached across the table to try the onion rings we’d given such high praise. Street Meet’s onion rings had one more fan.


I had a hard time choosing between the Gyro and the Fish and Chips, but finally settled on the classic fish and chips. The crispy golden brown fish came out on a bed of hot fries with a side of slaw. Street Meet uses PBR in the batter and the flavor of that well known beer made a nice compliment to the fish that reminded summertime fish fries.



Street Meet serves up more than just simple pub food. The menu offers something for everyone and very possibly a pleasant surprise for even the foodie in your crowd. They also offer a fine selection of beer and wine. Deciding on Street Meet is simple, deciding which great food to try first–not so simple.

The three of us left Street Meet satisfied and happy with our evening out.